Courtyard Villa 5

Separated into two buildings there is no limitation of freedom and privacy: In the main house there are the master bedrooms, royally furnished with a complete entertainment system as well as a large walk in closet. A huge, with noble parquet floor fitted living room area as well as a comfortable dining area and a beautiful, to cooking inviting kitchen are also part of the main house and, accommodating at least 8 persons, to be used by master and guests. Through surrounding sliding glass walls, the guest house, separated from the main one by an amazing flower garden, could be seen: With its beautiful bedroom, furnished with two cozy single beds, it is not less luxurious but additionally contains a klassy office. For your perfect relaxation there is an 8 person jacuzzi by the patio besides a large pool with a fountain wall. Overlooking a flower paradise, your absolute recreation is guaranteed. If you prefer variety and entertainment, you just have to drive around 10 minutes by car to arrive beautiful Lochpalm and Red Mountain Golf Courses. Explore versatile shoppingmalls with craft shops, boutiques and of course international restaurants and experience the charme and magic of Phuket. Furhtermore there is a great offer of leisure amenities. Our management office staff is willing to inform you about current events and leisure time facilities according to your individual interest at any time.