Courtyard Villa 10

Spacious but charming 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa tempts into spending some unforgetable evenings at home standing out with its huge pool table, the western style bar in the living room lounge area and its complete Stereo-, DVD- and big screen TV-entertainment set-up. Dine either in the noble furnished formal dining room area or additionally enjoy the view of the pool from the lounge area for Al Fresco Dining outside. If you prefer dining out, there is a huge amount of magnificent restaurants in direct nearness. Apart from the great offer of international food, the city of Red Mountain and Lochpalm is absolutely worth seeing and the drive way will only take you a few minutes. Shopping malls and craft shops entice with an exquisite selection of customary as well as international goods. Explore the beauty of Phuket tanning in the sun at one of the land's paradisiacal white beaches or hiking through nearly unspoilt forests and mountains. For detailed information our management office is available at any time.